«Golden September: The Galician chronicles 1939-1941»

Unification or occupation? Good or evil? The events of the "Golden September" have long been classified as "secret," out of sight of scholars and artists and forgotten by society.

Multicultural prewar Galicia fell victim to the twentieth century’s two largest tyrants, Hitler and Stalin. The prewar lifestyle, culture, and ethnic diversity of the region were systematically and deliberately destroyed.

The film is based on eyewitness accounts of these events – representatives of the Ukrainian, Polish, and Jewish communities who until the 1940s represented the main ethnic groups of Galicia. The film uses newsreels and commentaries from leading scholars and historians.

Director: Taras Khymych
Sound engineer: Liubomyr Solomchenko
Producer: Taras Choliy
Starring: Halyna Dalyavska, Yuriy Hvostenko, Lev Reha,
Volodymyr Pravosudov, Natalia Lisova